Biashara United wants to be one of the Vodacom Premier League top clubs


Biashara United chairman Seleman Mataso says one of their season objectives is to finish the league as one of the top clubs in the Vodacom Premier League.

Seleman Mataso says now they are preparing for their coming match against Ndanda Football Club at Nagwanda Sijaona stadium.

“We are good and preparing for our remaining matches and we still need our fans to support us because we need to achieve our season objectives. Biashara United wants to finish the league with a great pace as we aim to be in the top five clubs in the league standings,” says Seleman Mataso. He calls upon fans and supporters to support their team including financially whenever they ask them to.

Biashara United in the Vodacom Premier League standings is at 10th place with total points of 40 after 29 premier league complete fixtures.


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