Bill gates predict COVID-19 to end 2021


One of America’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates has predicted that the current coronavirus disease will end in the year 2021.

Gates has been an all time donor in the African Ministries of Health in different epidemics including HIV/AIDS. He has also contributed towards the fight against poverty in the continent.

Bill Gates has added that if COVID-19 vaccine is discovered in the beginning of 2021, then by the end of the year the novel pandemic will be over.

According to worldometer so far, more than 32,259,780 people have been infected by the disease since the outbreak in China late 2019.

The total number of fatalities is 965,328 but 22,843,628 patients have been reported to have recovered from the deadly disease. America leads with more than 4,010 million cases and more than 123.8 million deaths have been confirmed in the country.