Bishops Announce prayers for Malawian Country


Lilongwe,  Malawians have been urged to keep on praying for peace and stability to continue prevailing in the country at all levels.

Archbishop of the Lilongwe Archdiocese, arcisius Ziyaye made the remarks on Sunday when he addressed congregation of St Padre Pio Church in Area 49 new Gulliver an out station of Kaggwa Parish.

He said Malawi as a God fearing need to offer more prayers for the country for it to remain calm and peaceful as it has been for years.

“When the country is enjoying peace and tranquility there is room enable is develop further because people are free to actively participate in the nation building,” Ziyaye pointed out.

The Archbishop said offering prayers would assist the country to remain calm and enjoy the fruits of sovereign state.

Ziyaye said apart from praying for peace, Malawians need to pray for justice and rule of law to continue prevailing in the country.

He disclosed that the constriction of the new Maula Cathedral needs the support of the entire diocese and that this would only materialize if the communities are living peaceful in their areas.

“The technical planning committee has finalized the design of the cathedral and we are in the process of getting the final design for the work to start,” Ziyaye explained.

He said the cathedral need to accommodate a lot of people because it would serve all the parishes with the Lilongwe archdiocese.

Ziyaye said the project committee has produce a cloth as part of the fund raising drive in the implementation process of the project.

“Some of you, may be wondering that some development are taking place with our Cathedral. We   extending the church in order improve the sitting capacity. We usually experience problems of overcrowding during the English mass which has not be health to us particularly during rainy season,” he said.

He said the ideas of building a new cathedral was made in 2013 and it is still possible to build one right from inside our hearts then we could contribute generously towards the construction works.

Chairperson of St Padre Pio Church, John Bosco Phiri reaffirmed the Church total commitment to the construction of the new Maula Cathedral project.

He said the Church is ready to help in providing the necessary support to ensure that the projects is implemented to its fullness.

The post-election violence that has been recorded in some parts of the country has brought total fear among many Malawians.

For the past two weeks after the May 21 elections a lot of business were made stand still as uncertainty was building up according what was being reported on violent conducts within several districts of the country particularly in the central part.

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