Boniface Mkwasa wants fair challenge in Vodacom Premier League


Ruvu Shooting Stars head coach, Boniface Mkwasa says all the teams should face the same challenge on the premier league fixtures. He pointed out that all the clubs in the Vodacom Premier League should be fixtured to play at mid-day, and not few clubs.

“It is not fair that some clubs are fixtured to play on the sunny days and at mid-day while others are fixtured to play at night or evening.

Even in Europe, some big clubs like Manchester United, or Chelsea sometimes they play at midday and I do not see how this is impossible here in Tanzania.”

Boniface Mkwasa asked Tanzania Premier League Board to cross check the fixtures and make some corrections for better and fair challenge.

“It is not good to have this kind of fixtures frequently, players need to play under cool and healthy atmosphere, so to the league board they need to make amends to some fixtures so we can have a fair enough challenge in the Vodacom Premier League,” says Boniface Mkwasa.

Ruvu Shooting Football Club lost their second match of Premier League to Ihefu Football Club.