British PM battles COVID-19 in ICU


The United Kingdom Prime Minister Borris Johnson, yesterday April 6, 2020, was transferred to Intensive Care Unit after his situation worsened, from mild symptoms.

Johnson was diagnosed 10 days ago with COVID-19 and admitted to hospital with persistent symptoms on Sunday night.  Healthcare staff in the country complained they lack protective equipment like ventilators and mass testing for the virus.

The Prime Minister’s liberal instincts are under scrutiny amid reports he initially resisted tough measures to stop the virus spread. However, a nationwide lockdown was eventually ordered on March 23. The legend led his country through Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum and then as Prime Minister, finally taking Britain out of the European Union on January 31 this year.

He won a thumping election victory in December, and his initial response to the virus outbreak sent his personal popularity ratings soaring. The 55-year-old Prime Minister who led Britain out of the EU in January after years of political chaos and paralysis, now finds himself professionally and personally tested like never before by the COVID-19 threat.


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