Bullets to receive relief funds into it’s account


Nyasa Big Bullets football club will now have the responsibility to be sharing the relief fund prepared by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to its players after the FA accepted to send the packages into the team’s account.

FAM started distributing COVID-19 relief packages to all TNM super league club players which were sent directly into the beneficiaries accounts which did not please the clubs as they wanted the money to be sent to them first.

The people’s team requested FAM to send the relief packages to them but the proposal was rejected. The 2019 TNM super league champions then sent another request to the FA which was signed by the players for the funds to be sent into Bullets account.

According to FAM competitions and communications officer Gomezgani Zakazaka who is also chairman of the COVID-19 taskforce set BT FAM, the FA will start sending the relief packages into Bullets account and the club will take the responsibility of distributing it to its players.

“According to the guidelines of the funds which FIFA gave to us, the money was supposed to be sent directly into the beneficiaries accounts but we had a number of teams requesting for the funds to be sent into their accounts and them to distribute it to the players.

“After receiving a request from Nyasa Big Bullets football club signed by all its players that we should send the funds into the club account, we had to seek for guidance from FIFA if we can do that and they have told us to send the money into the teams account if the proposal has been sent and signed by the club’s players.
So Bullets as a club will start receiving the funds directly into their account and this is open to all super league clubs if the proposal will be signed by the players who are the beneficiaries,” he said.

FAM started distributing k40,000 to 25 players and 5 official of all TNM super league clubs in June this year as a way of sustaining the welfare of the clubs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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