Bullets yet to receive relief fund

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

The 2019 TNM super league champions Nyasa Big Bullets football club players and officials are yet to receive the COVID-19 packages which Football Association of Malawi (FAM) promised to give to all super league teams.

Last week, FAM announced that they had spent k17.2 million they gave to 431 players and officials from the other teams that play in the top flight league excluding Bullets which had not submitted names of beneficiaries to the FA.

The people’s team chief administrative officer Albert Chigoga says the delay was due to the proposal they wrote to FAM but now the names of the beneficiaries have been sent and soon the players should benefit from the relief fund.

“When they were releasing a report of players and officials who have benefited from the COVID-19 relief packages, we had not submitted names from our side as we had sent a proposal to FAM on how we want our officials and players to receive the package which we felt was in line with our way of administering things at our club,” he said.

Reports indicate that Bullets had asked FAM to send them the COVID-19 packages which they could distribute themselves to it’s players and officials but FA has not responded to their proposals as the project was initially designed to send the relief directly into the beneficiaries account which has made the club to send names of beneficiaries.

“It was a proposal which awaited an approval or not but up to now we have not heard anything which has made us to just send them names of the beneficiaries.

“We did not have a dilemma choosing those to benefit as we have a squad of 30 players and a technical panel of 12 people which we have managed to sort it out,” said Chigoga.


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