Burundi’s president praises Magufuli’s efforts of building Tanzania in his regime


Burundi’s president Evariste Ndayishimiye has on Saturday, September 19, 2020, praised president John Magufuli for efforts towards development in the country, saying Tanzania has gone the extra mile since his (Magufuli’s) regime.

Speaking during the launch of another high court in Kagera, Ndayishimiye further revealed that there is now peace and political stability in Burundi.

“We have peace in Burundi, we sat down as a country and one people and agreed that there is no Hutu or Tusi tribe but the colonialists divided us. Our tribe is one, Burundians, we shall not go back to political crisis anymore,” Ndayishimiye stressed.

The president who took over after the sudden demise of former Burundi’s president Pierre Nkurunziza, expressed his belief that the people of Kigoma in Tanzania will be happy if the peace in Burundi persist because they used to be disturbed by the refugees who used to escape from Burundi in fear of chaos.

He passed his gratitude and thankfulness to them for their hospitality in hosting them during those days of the crisis, adding that he had all the reasons to respond to Magufuli’s call to attend the launching and they would have a prolonged talk after the event, saying that Tanzania and Burundi are long time friends.

Speaking during the event, President Magufuli of Tanzania said that previously, people used to travel all the way from Kagera to Tabora to file cases.

The Head of State noted that cases were congested in different courts in the country and causing defiance in meeting their solutions.

According to President Magufuli, the construction of the court has cost Tsh 7.9 billion and there were no foreign donation.

“I appreciate the Attorney General and other Tanzanian judges and magistrates for this new court as it will help in the reduction of congestion and defiance of the decision to cases in the country,” said President Magufuli.