Business operations in Christmas season?



Business people tend to abnormally increase their products prices during the Christmas season every year.

This abrupt habit is very hectic to the lower class people especially when it comes to food stuffs like wheat flour, rice among other cereals and grains. Here are the most target products by business people in East African countries, including Tanzania.

1. Wheat flour

In most families wheat flour is used in part of the Christmas meals like in baking bans, pan cakes, chapatti and the like meals.

So due to the high demand, they increase the prices anyhow without even considering the lower poor people in the society.

2. Rice and oil

Rice is also another food stuff consumed much people during this very season. Oil is used for frying meat, potatoes and other arrow roots.

Don’t forget that the prices for this product is set per the grade of it like we have grade one, two and three. So the prices differs accordingly.

3. Livestock like goats and poultry like chicken.

Yes, people like slaughtering livestock like goat, sheep and bull. So to buy them from the markets where they are brought one almost pays for them by the nose.

Red meat almost everywhere, it is loved by many. Don’t I love it, who doesn’t love meat? But this never stop them from buying these stuffs because they mean celebration with others.

Nevertheless, people should style up and avoid last for money and therefore sell products to the people in the common prices without taking advantage of the season and humiliate others in the society.


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