Cabinet Secretary Kagwe regrets the way Covid-19 victim was buried


The Cabinet Secretary for Health in Kenya has expressed his regret over how late Covid-19 victim, James Oyungi Onyango, a Siaya resident was buried after he passed away due to the deadly disease two weeks ago.

A Senate committee had raised concern over the way the late Oyungi was buried whereby the Cabinet Secretary Kagwe admitted it was unethical.

“The Health CS expressed his sincere regret to the Ministry regarding the way the burial was carried out. It was revealed that the manner in which the burial was conducted was not in line with the guidelines of the ministry regarding the way Covid-19 victims should be buried,” Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja informed the senate on Tuesday.

Asked on why the guidelines by the Ministry were not followed in the burial of the deceased, the Health CS stated that it was against the guidelines established by his ministry.

Nevertheless, the CS reaffirmed that Mr. Oyugi died from Covid-19 according to posthumous laboratory test.

However, the senate recommended that CS Kagwe contact Oyugi’s family to make a private apology.


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