Canadian soldier arrested for threatening the country’s PM


The police in Canada is holding a Canadian army soldier who threatened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He drove his truck speedily through the Prime Minister’s gate of his home.

During the incident, the family of the Prime Minister and himself were not at the home.

According to the Canadian police, the truck was driving at a speed of 2000Km per hour when he hit the gate.

The police are conducting an investigation to discover the motive behind the soldier’s act of hitting the gate. It has also been reported that the intruder did not want to harm the Prime Minister but just wanted to speak to him.

“We are conducting an investigation to know why the soldier hit the gate because the speedometer read at 2000km/hr when the truck hit the gate of the Prime Minister’s residence,” said the police.

During the 2019 General Elections in Canada, the Prime Minister was forced to cover his body with bulletproof for security purposes.


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