Cashew nuts trade extended


The government, in an effort to boost national yields, has extended the trading season of cashew nuts by nine days.

Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga said the extension from 17 to 24 January will allow farmers who have not yet sold their last crop to do so.

He said a total of 208 343 tonnes of cashew nuts worth Sh 546,1 billion were sold out of the 209995 tonnes collected in the last 58 auctions by the government.

The Tunduru Agriculture Marketing Cooperative Union general manager Imani Kalembo said 468 tonnes of surplus cashew nuts have been sold out of the anticipated 23 000 tonnes.

He said he expects to sell another 1,000 tonnes by the end of the trading season, now that there is an extension of nine days.

The government anticipated harvesting 290 000 tonnes of raw cashew nuts in the current farming season which is 65 000 tonnes more than the 225 000 tonnes harvested during the last farming season.

The government reports that it earned $575 million in the 2017/18 trading season n cashew nuts exports and this year the expected figure should be much higher than that.


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