Chakwera orders Mutharika to act – Promises to end albino killings in one month once ushered into government

Albinisitic man portrait by the original uploader was Muntuwandi at English Wikipedia
Albinisitic man portrait by the original uploader was Muntuwandi at English Wikipedia

Written by Grecian Lungu

The president of Malawi Congress Party who is also the party’s torch bearer in the forthcoming 2019 tripartite elections has asked president of Malawi Peter Mutharika to act swiftly in ending the albino killings which has reached another greater height in this country with the latest scene registered yesterday, February 13, in Dedza where an albino boy has been abducted.

Speaking at a press conference held Thursday afternoon, Chakwera says Mutharika should provide the three billion Malawi Kwacha to be used in executing the action plan which was agreed sometime back in a bid to end this barbaric act.

Chakwera says this can only end with Mutharika’s commitment as he’s the only person who has the powers to command security agencies which can provide the desired security to all people living with albanians across the country.

Dressing in his black attire that symbolizes sorrow, Chakwera continuously used the word ‘Do your job Mr president, don’t sleep on your duty’ as he continued expressing his anger over this albion abductions that has been haunting this country of late.

He further says his government in waiting that will start this coming May, will surely end this barbaric act in one month and that his government will provide a good housing system that will be built to provide comprehensive security to those living with albinism as well as providing a social cash transfer that will be used to let them find a solace in as far as challenges are concerned.

The MCP president also announced that his government will provide security gadgets that will be used to alert security agencies in a case of any impending abductions and he confirmed that he has already engaged some relevant stakeholders that will provide some financial assistance to implement this action.

He also trashed the assertions that are there that these albino killings are attributed to ritual sacrifice to win an election as he has no clue to this.

Responding to ZBS’s Winston Kaimira’s question where he asked whether this the presser is done to just gain political mileage, Chakwera said this is non to do with MCP but said this is only done to show commitment in ending this act as he’s one of the concerned citizen in Malawi.

The Malawi’s president from this coming May 21, says the police is failing Malawians heavily as during the time he engaged the Malawi Police Inspector General on security issues affecting this country he was assured by the Police IG that security will be tightened up whether political in nature or even this cross cutting issue of albino killings.

Responding on why he’s not showing action right now before he ascends to presidency come May, Chakwera said his powers are limited as he can not command the relevant security agencies rather the president of this country is the one who has such powers and what he can only do is to urge the president to wake up from his slumber and act as his dumbness on this issue speaks more of him as being coward.

Speaking at the same press conference, Alex Machira who is also an aspiring parliamentary candidate in Zomba central constituency thanked president Chakwera for his stand in fighting for minority rights and also assured the general public that the stand Chakwera has on ending this barbaric act is apolitical and promised to work with him in providing strategies that can help to end albino killings

Albino killings have been haunting this country for many years now and for the past two month, three people have been abducted and the whereabouts of their bodies is yet to be identified.


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