Chama and Sheva with special training sessions


Simba Sports Club Midfielders, Clatous Chama and Miraj Athuman ‘Sheva’ both have returned to the camp lately, and they have been assigned to the special training sessions, unlike the other players.

Miraj Athuman’Sheva’ is recovering from an injury he picked up in the National team duties and Clatous Chama is late at joining the club following the Coronavirus break.

They have been closely monitored by Simba Sports Club physician, Coach Adel Zraine to make sure they gain their form they left with before injuries for Sheva and break for Chama.

Among the programs, they have been assigned to is ball possession training, accuracy passing training sessions and pinpoint shooting.

Miraj Athuman ‘Sheva’ is among the players in the Vodacom Premier League who have the ability to spring with the ball as well as shooting while sprinting, and he was given that training as well.

While Chama is among the top playmakers in the league and he was given time to play with the ball as he likes to do on the pitch.


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