Chilima off to America for private engagements

United Democratic Front
United Democratic Front

Chilima off to America for private engagements

The United Transformation Movement Party (UTM) president Saulos, Chilima who is also the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi left for United States of America early morning of Monday 14th January 2019 for ‘private visit’ according to his office.

According to the Nyasa Times, Chilima left through Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe and was escorted by his party officials, UTM to be specific.

As said by the special assistant to the Vice-President on economic affairs Milward Tobias, Chilima is visiting the state for ‘private engagements’. He explained that Chilima will arrive back home on January 24.

As reported by the Nyasa Times, Chilima also visited United Kingdom, Nigeria and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, a development which pulled State House anger in October 2018.

In the same year December 2018, the Vice-President went to Nigeria in Abuja where he attended a high-level meeting on palliating disruptive applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in electoral processes in Africa.

In any interview with Chilima by the Nyasa Times, he said his presentation of nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on 6 February is a turning point in Malawi’s political history, pledging to fight corruption and bring development to Malawi to new levels never seen before.

As the Nyasa Times recorded, during the rally in Salima North West constituency Saturday, Chilima said he was just waiting for the day he would present the presidential nomination papers which will mark the highly contentious election on May 21.

‘This will be a new chapter in our history. UTM wants to bring development in this country never seen before but we need to fight and end corruption first,’ he explained.

He continued by pledging the UTM led government that they should abide by the rule of law, governance, bring in new agricultural methods for improved production as well as find markets for provincial farmers.

‘Salima people should not be starving. You have lake water within your backyards. We should use the water for irrigation so that you can grow crops all year round, this is an effort my government will do,’ he said.

Chilima further said his administration would end the free fertilize and farm inputs program saying it only benefitted a few but enriched many crooked corrupt officials. He emphasized that the best way is to sell fertilizer at a low price to everybody.

On his remarks, Chilima convinced the crowd the development programs his UTM party has planned for them once they vote for UTM on 21 May.

The Republican president concluded by saying that his government would serve the interests of the ordinary people not the interests of politicians.


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