China accepts COVID-19 origin investigation in its lab

3D render of a medical image with virus cells


The Minister of Foreign Affairs in China, Wang Yi has admitted that China is ready to cooperate with other nations in the investigation to discover the origin of coronavirus, cautioning that the investigation should not be tempered with by politics.

He criticized America following the leaders in that nation exposing propaganda that Covid-19 originated in China with the aim of silencing China. Yi warns that the situation may lead the countries to enter into a cold war as it happened in history.

In recent weeks, America and Australia demanded China to give room for an investigation to be conducted in their laboratory to discover the origin of the pandemic.

The president of America Donald Trump has severally together with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo of America accused China of not being transparent on the origin of the deadly disease. The two leaders have severally repeated the statement that COVID-19 originated from China’s laboratory in Wuhan.


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