China locks down more than half a million people after Covid-19 spike


China has reinstated a strict lockdown to more than 500,000 people near Beijing after another spike.

The restrictions have come into force in Anxin County in Hebei province near the capital. The country’s health authorities in the country are taking small surges very seriously so as to avoid a second wave.

On Sunday officials announced that Anxin would be fully enclosed and controlled. Only essential workers are allowed to leave their homes while one member of a household is allowed to go to town once a day to shop for necessities.

Non-residents will not be allowed to enter buildings, communities or villages, authorities saying that whoever defies the rule will be punished by the police. Since the beginning of the surge two weeks ago, Beijing has reported 18 cases. Anxin is 150km from Beijing.

Experts are optimistic that the surge could be stopped since the area is not densely populated as China’s urban centres.


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