Chisomo Mwale to launch first album


Lilongwe-based female gospel singer, Chisomo Mwale is set to launch her first album titled ‘Ndagoma Nanu’on May 8, 2020, in Lilongwe.

The singer told Malawi News Agency (MANA) that the album seeks to make people understand that God is great and able to rescue them from any situations, therefore, they need to depend on him every time.

“Most of the songs in the album talk about the greatness of God. God cares for us. He helps us in need and He is always with us. Ndagomananu song is a summary of all that God is able to do beyond people’s imagination and understanding,” Mwale said.

The title track Ndagomananu goes like: PamenenaliChigwa/Moyo wanga unkawawa/Nkawona abale ndi anzanga/Moyo wawo zikuyenda/Anati yalula mphasa nuyendeeee/Wasintha nyengo zanga /Mbuye wasintha nyengo zanga.

Mwale, whose interest for music started when she was in secondary school, assured her fans that they should expect to be blessed, comforted and encouraged by the powerful message in the songs.

She owes her success in the music industry to her parents and others who supported her career and encouraged her to produce her first album.

“I thank all those who have supported me in prayer, financially and emotionally during the production and those who are supporting me now,” she said.

The album Compact Disc (CD) is selling at K1, 000 and is available at Lilongwe CCAP bookshop while on it is selling at K200 per song.

Produced by Mzati Studio, the album has songs such as Chisomo Chanu, Ndidzayendabe, Ndilanditseni and Ndinu Wankulu among others.

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