Chitipa District hail NGOs for improving agriculture


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Chitipa District Agriculture Development Office has hailed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the district for improving agricultural production.

Chitipa Agriculture Extension Methodology Officer, Prince Shaibu was speaking during agriculture stakeholders’ panel quarterly review meeting on Friday.

He hailed the networking relationship which exists with the NGOs as fruitful hence the improved agricultural production.

“We work hand in hand on the planning and supervision of projects in relation to what the district wants to achieve,” said Shaibu.

He cited management of pests and diseases, seed multiplication skills in farmers and improved livestock production among contributions NGOs have made in the district.

In an interview, Agriculture Extension Development Coordinator (AEDC) for Kameme Extension Planning Area (EPA), Paul Luwe said farmers in his area have benefitted a lot from NGOs interventions.

“The NGOs have been supporting farmers on issues of fall armyworms by providing pesticides while also providing seeds and fertilizers,” said Luwe.

In his remarks, ELDS assistant development programs officer, Mascot Maseko said the organization is committed to assisting the government in improving people’s lives through improved agriculture.

“Our part as ELDS is to advise farmers on food security and as the rainy season has ended we support them to take part in irrigation farming in order to maximize their productivity,” said Maseko.

NGOs that are working with Chitipa District Agriculture Development Office include Tubepoka Development Initiative (TDI), Self Help Africa, Evangelical Lutheran Development Services (ELDS), and Lusubilo Community Based Organization.

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