Chitipa united hails govt for removing tax on bus importation


Northern region TNM super league side Chitipa United has commended the government for the decision it has made to allow elite league teams import buses without duty which can help develop the sport in the country.

On Friday 12th of June 2020, minister of finance honoured Joseph Mwanamveka presented the 2020/21 national budget in Parliament where he disclosed the government’s decision to let football and netball teams import buses without duty in every five years.

Chitipa United vice general secretary Marshal Mwenechanya has thanked the government for the decision but questioned why it took so long to make such a decision which has come after their club struggled to clear its bus last month which had been stuck at Songwe border for months as they failed to source k5.5 million to pay Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) as a duty.

“We are very thankful to the government for making such a decision which will influence more clubs in the country to buy buses of their own as we spend a lot of money hiring buses when we are playing away.

“On the other hand, it’s giving us questions as to why they didn’t want to help us when we approached them to let us clear the bus without paying duty. It took efforts from well-wishers including cabinet ministers to bail us out with money to pay to MRA,” he said.

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