Cholera outbreak in Dar es Salaam


One resident has been reported dead from cholera in Dar es Salaam while other 32 were admitted in a special ward in the same city on count of the disease.

It has been proved by the minister of health Ummy Mwalimu in her visit to the admitted victims as well as those affected by the epidemic, dengue.

“We have received 32 patients in Dar es Salaam, and in Amana camp there are 13 admitted, 18 at Temeke and one at Mwananyamala and this is due to unhygienic environments,” she said.

Health minister, Ummy Mwalimu has directed councils to increase fines to Sh200,000 from Sh30,000 for people who dispose sewerage water, shortly after receiving reports that one person has died and 32 others hospitalized in Dar es Salaam.

“We want everyone to see it better to call the sewage truck costing 150,000/= instead of paying that fine. I have also ordered for anyone who will drain sewage anyhow to pay by the nose,” said Ummy.


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