Christmas Day Service: Pentecostal Christian Centre

Pentecost International Christian Centre Malawi
Pentecost International Christian Centre Malawi

Planning your Christmas Day with friends and family. Christmas Day is a glorious day for worship to celebrate the birth of Christ. Where will you be worshipping on Christmas Day?

Join us at Pentecostal Christian Centre. We are in Lilongwe
Area 49, Opposite Chinese Town House. There will be two services for you to choose from.
Christmas Service: 
Early Morning Service: 7:00am – 10:00am
The theme for the service will be Exploits Of The Birth Of Jesus Christ, from John 10:30

Christmas Conference
Please join us at our Christmas Conference from the 22nd to 23rd December.
Saturday: 8am – 4pm
Sunday: 06:00am, 07:45am, 09:45am, and 11:30am

For more information call: 0992053560

All Welcome, come and experience the Touch of God