Civil give out special package


Despite football clubs being hit hard financially during the coronavirus pandemic period, Lilongwe based Civil service united has given out a special monetary package to it’s players to sustain them and to meet their basic needs.

The servants get their sponsorship from the office of the president and cabinet (OPC). Money is readily allocated to the club for different purposes which according to general secretary Ronald Chiwawula that money has been diverted to the special package as they put the welfare of their players at heart.

“As football players their lives depend much on the money they get after playing football but since we are not playing football due to coronavirus they might be affected in different ways as they are receiving less money than they usually receive as they are not being assigned training allowance and game bonuses. For that reason, the money they receive as training allowance and game bonuses will be given to them as a special package to help them during this pandemic on top of their monthly salaries,” Chiwawula said.

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