CJ second allowance increment


Malawi national football team captain Christopher John Banda has seconded the idea made by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu Manda to increase the allowances they receive when they are on national duty.

Nyamilandu made the remarks last week saying the increment will be one way of motivating the players to perform much better on the ground. This will also give the team the results they need to qualify for different tournaments such as African cup of nations.

Reports indicate that flames players receive K100 000 for a win with half the amount for a draw. The players also get K6000 as training allowances which Banda said needs to be increased considering the rise in the cost of living.
“When playing football we would love to receive money that is enough to sustain our living and it would please us if they consider increasing our game bonuses and allowances which they have considered. That will please most of the players and make them work even hard on the field of play,” he said.


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