Clataous Chama and Kakolanya speak about their future.


Simba Sports Club attacking Midfielder Clataous Chota Chama and Beno Kakolanya have spoken about their Vodacom Premier League. Clataous Chota Chama is currently the leading playmaker in Vodacom Premier League with 9 assists so far this season, and he is one of most decorated foreign Midfielder in the Vodacom Premier League.

Chama says there is no club bigger that Simba Sports Club in the country, and thus he sees no other club he will play for in the Vodacom Premier League rather than Simba Sports Club.

“I am not thinking about leaving my club, it is not possible for me to leave Simba Sports Club and join Yanga Sports Club or Azam Football Club. I still have a big favour to payback here, for the club and the fans. If the time to leave the club comes, I’ll look at the deal and it has to be the club from outside Tanzania, but to leave Simba Sports Club it is impossible for me.”

Also Simba Sports Club goalkeeper number two, Beno Kakolanya mentioned Kinondoni Municipal Counsel Football Club Juma Kaseja as his idol goalkeeper of all times.

Beno Kakolanya has been struggling to get playing time ahead of Aishi Manula who is currently on top of his game. Beno has been linked with the move to return to his former club Yanga Sports Club, and he responded to that.

“About going back to Yanga Sports Club I won’t be able to talk about it now, because I still have a contract with my club. They say because of the competition with Aishi Manula, but I’m not going to run away from the challenge”.

Beno Kakolanya has only played 7 premier league matches and Aishi Manula has played the rest 21 matches.


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