Club licensing a solution to financial problems


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has urged clubs in the TNM super league as well as the three regional leagues namely central region, southern region and northern region association leagues to embrace on all club licensing pillars as it may be the solution to help them move out of the financial problems they face.

Currently clubs are facing huge financial burdens as an effect of the corona virus which led to the postponement of the elite league as well as the regional leagues which has led to the clubs which relie much on gate collections to suffer a lot.

According to FAM’s club licensing manager Casper Jangale, club licensing can be a relief to the clubs which are complaining much as they don’t have anything to support the daily operations of the teams.
“Club licensing is made of a number of pillars such as infrastructure, marketing among others which we emphasize to be fulfilled by all clubs as it is a recommendation from FIFA and these pillars if well implemented can give the clubs comfort on how they can move about in situations like the ones we have as they will have made structures already which can be giving them money,” he said.

Jangale also said, “First and for most we need to look at the source of revenue for our clubs which most of them are saying comes from gate collections but if we look at these clubs they are sponsored by individuals, communities or companies and these will face a big burden as they will have to dig deep into their pockets for the daily running of the clubs until the season will start.


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