Coastal Union football club did not receive any offer.


Coastal Union football club management insist that they did not receive any offer from any club concerning their centre defender and the team skipper, Bakari Mwamnyeto.

Mwamnyeto mentioned joining Simba Sports Club in the next season and everything is settled between them says the rumours. Mr Ahmad Aulora denies all the rumours saying there is no such thing.

He says, they all see the rumours on social media and in media houses but they did not receive or negotiate anything with Simba Sports Club about Bakari Mwamnyeto.

He says, If there is any club that is keen to sign, they should consider making an official offer and negotiate because Coastal Union can not stop him if he also wants to move.

“We did not receive any official offer about Mwamnyeto, but we see news and rumours about him, but if there is a club that wants to sign him, they should come to us and negotiate, and if we agree on the deal, we will sell him to them,” said one of the members of the transfer board.

Mwamnyeto is one of the top centre defenders in Vodacom Premier League this season, also he earned his spot in Tanzania National team. He shows he can be the right replacement for two senior players in the National team, Kelvin Yondani and Erasto Nyoni at centre defender position.


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