Coastal Union impressed with transfer rumours

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

Coastal Union Football Club from Tanga region is one of the clubs that had great success in the Vodacom Premier League this season. Coastal Union is among the clubs in the division that has a lot of Tanzanian players and they have made a great impact so far.

They have managed to stay in the league top ten clubs in the league standings, as they are at 6th place, behind Polisi Tanzania Football Club.

Coastal Union Football Club management is impressed however with the facts that many of their players are linked with various clubs in the coming summer window transfer.

Here are the players that are linked with the move to other clubs in the division.

  1. Bakari Mwamnyeto
  2. Ayoub Lyanga
  3. Hassan Kibailo
  4. Shaban Dudu
  5. James Kahimba
  6. Ame Ibrahim
  7. Hance Masoud

These are the players who had great impact in Coastal Union form in Vodacom Premier League 2019/2020 season. Also the club’s management says they are not looking to sell more players in the next transfer window.

“It is a good thing to see many of our players are linked with other clubs, but we are not going to sell more players this time around, our plan is to maintain the squad for three seasons,” says Mr. Mguyo, one of the club’s leaders. The teams that are linked with Coastal Union’s players are Simba Sports Club, Yanga Sports Club and Azam Football Club.


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