Congo to be used for the COVID-19 vaccine test


Despite the fact that most Africans opposed the French professors Jean Mira and Locht proposal for Africa to be used to conduct a research test for coronavirus disease, the Democratic Republic of Congo has admitted that they will be used for the research.

Prominent Africans include famous footballers like Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba have strictly opposed the idea of the great nations to attempt the test in Africa.

The head for the task force team towards the fight against COVID-19 in the Democratic Republic of Congo has said that the country is fully prepared and ready for any test that is geared to reveal the vaccine against the world’s disastrous disease. “The only way to prevent coronavirus disease is to get its vaccine as we did for Ebola.”

The head of the Congo Biology Institute, Jean-Jacques Muyemba, has said that the nation has been selected to be used in the test of the vaccines and the process should begin with immediate effect.

“We have already been chosen to undergo the test on the COVID-19 vaccine which is produced in China, America, France or Canada and we are ready for the test and I think it should begin as soon as July and not in August,” Jean stated.


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