Countries where divorce is illegal


Divorce is the legal process of dissolving a marital union or marriage.

The divorce law varies, but in most nations, this process requires the authorization of the court in the legal process.

A divorce hearing might include various issues like child support, alimony, child custody, and distribution of properties among others.

Countries Where Divorce is Illegal

1. The Philippines

The Philippines is the only United Nation member state where divorce is illegal.

The Philippines has no legal provision for divorce, and the only people who are allowed to get divorced in the Philippines are Muslims.

The annulment process can take up to 10 years, and the couple will have to undergo numerous mental health tests.

However for divorce to be legalized in the Philippines, the bill must pass in the Senate and also be signed by the President.

2. Vatican City

The Vatican is an independent-city state that was established in 1929 by the Lutheran Treaty.

It is an ecclesiastical city that is ruled by the pope; therefore all Catholic doctrines and laws apply in the Vatican.

Catholics have a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage, and they believe that it’s a permanent union.

Grounds For Divorce

The grounds for divorce are the set of laws that specify the conditions under which a couple can be allowed to divorce in any given country.


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