Covid-19: Mask wearing, mandatory in UK


The UK’s transport secretary said that wearing face covering masks will be compulsory to all people commuting in public vehicles with effect from June 15.

Speaking during the daily coronavirus status updates, Grant Shapp said that the face covering will be done in ferries, aircrafts, coaches, trains, and trams.

He added that only children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties will be exempted.

“Why don’t people want to do the right thing? Surgical masks must be kept for clinical settings and instead the travellers should wear a kind of masks made at home,” said Mr Shapps adding that they should cover the mouth and nose and can be as simple as a scurf or bandanna tied snugly behind the head.

He stressed that social distancing and regular hand washing should remain in practice as being the most noble measures to curb the pandemic spread.

The total tally of the coronavirus in UK counts to 39,904 after a record of 176 new cases yesterday June 5.


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