Covid-19 patients in a dilemma after doctors’ strike in Sierra Leone

3D render of a medical image with virus cells

Patients in Sierra Leone have been left in a dilemma after doctors in the country went on strike on Thursday due to payment queries.

According to Health Care workers, the government is misusing funds for Covid-19 response in the country and ignored the compensation to the healthcare workers who have been in the frontline in curbing the spread of disease.

They claim the government had promised the healthcare workers risk funds for their services they offer to the public.

The Ministry of finance in Sierra Leone released a report on May 22 released a report showing that the coronavirus response fund was used to purchase 30 new SUVs and 230 motorbikes for the Emergency Operations Center, Office of the National Security, Police and Military Forces.

Health workers are lamenting for lack of prevention working tools when handling Covid-19 patients as out of the 1,500 confirmed cases in the country, 160 are health staff.

The head doctor at Fourah Bay College S.K Jusu told Reuters that patients showing Covid-19 like symptoms will not be handled by any doctor until the doctors’ needs are fulfilled by the government.

According to Jusu, the country will experience more infections due to the doctor’s strike and as of Thursday, no patient was handled in the college where facilities were installed to serve the Covid-19 patients since they had gone on strike.

He added that there is need for the government to intervene in the situation and bring a resolution.

“Patients showing Covid-19 like symptoms will not be treated by any doctor until we have the support we need,” Jusu was noted as saying.


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