COVID-19: Sixtus Sabilo and Erasto Nyoni emphasize on the importance of being extra careful.


In the act of raising awareness to the majority, football players have become a key part in supporting the Ministry of health in Tanzania. Apart from the messages from various clubs and other national organizations and local groups concerning Corona Virus precautions.

Football players from various clubs in the Vodacom Premier League, have pioneered to educate the society and especially football fans on how to be safe.

Polisi Tanzania striker Sixtus Sabilo is one of the players who uses the league’s break to stay indoors and reminded others on how to protect themselves.

“The most importantly thing right now is to take precautions and be careful during the Corona virus pandemic, football means nothing if we are not safe and healthy.”

Sabilo says he uses most of his time with his family. He scored seven goals in the Vodacom Premier League for Polisi Tanzania this season.

The senior player of the defending champions of the Vodacom Premier League, Simba Sports Club, says he spends most of his time at home and educating others as well.

“The virus is deadly so we have to take some serious measures as well, I’m at home but I’m not just sitting here and protecting my family only. I volunteered myself to spread an awareness to other people so that we can all stay safe and finally we can return to our normal routine,” says Erasto Edward Nyoni, Simba Sports Club senior Central defender.


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