COVID-19 turned musicians plans into a nightmare


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One of the country’s upcoming artists, Spy-T says the Coronavirus pandemic which has affected a lot of countries across the globe, has tremendously affected the music industry.

Spy-T whose real name is Johnson Msokwa who plays Afro-pop music said he had lined up a number of projects such as shooting videos with artists in Nigeria and South Africa but all is in vain due to the pandemic.

Speaking in an interview on Monday, Spy-T said he promised his fans to expect fireworks this year but he might not deliver his plans if the CVID-19 continues spreading.

“I am disturbed with this disease. By now, I would have accomplished some of the projects. I planned to hold fifteen shows but all of them have been cancelled due to this pandemic,” said Spy-T.

He said the first quarter of the year started on a very good note as he managed to link-up with two international musicians.

“I managed to feature with Top kid from Nigeria and two others from South Africa with whom I was about to shoot videos, but now, this has turned into a nightmare,” he said.

Spy-T however, has promised his fans not to lose hope saying he will bounce back after the pandemic.

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