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The Central Region Football Association League (CRFA) has commended all stakeholders that were present at the League’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)  held on Sunday at Falls Baptist in Lilongwe to analyse how the league was run in 2018 and to map the way forward to have a successful league in 2019.

Among other issues at the AGM, the stakeholders agreed 20 April as the kickoff date for the CRFA league, raising participation fee for teams to take part in the league as well as to rotate referees to officiate games in the league.

In the 2019 season,  participation fee for teams to play in the premier division has been raised from K 160,000 to k 200,000. Teams in division one and two will have to pay K 20,000 more than what they were paying as division one teams will pay K 180,000 from K160,000 while division two teams will pay K 140 000 as they paid K 120,000 to participate in the CRFA league sponsored by Chipiku stores.

CRFA league general secretary, Benard Chiwiluwilu Harawa said the AGM was a success.
“We had a fruitful AGM as teams aired out their views on how we should run the league and that we have agreed to uniform the number of teams in all the three divisions of the league to 22 in each division and that referees to officiate games be rotated although it will be a bit difficult on our side as transport cost is a bit high “, Harawa said.

Harawa was also short of words to accept or denie the fact that CRFA officials are corrupted by teams playing in the premier division to be favoured that they be promoted into the TNM super league and team representatives at the AGM asked the association to work on it.

” we can not be 100 percent but I say corruption is a thing people do secretly and we know someone is corrupt once he is caught in the act and if teams have the evidence of an official running the league being corrupt,  teams should bring fourth the evidence and as an association we don’t indorse a team before the start of the league to be promoted into the super league “, said Harawa.

On their side,  Central Region Referees Association, which had more disagreements with teams during the last year’s league leading to referees beaten and injured,  was present at the AGM and through its chairperson Danken Lengani said teams are on the for front corruption referees and that they don’t want them to be rotated.

“last year we had numerous challenges,  one of them being corruption issues which was facilitated by teams officials playing in the CRFA and as referees association we are sending a strong warning to teams who do this corruption thing that this time around we will put  in the open any corruption issue as any disrupt in a game raises questions onto the referees”.

“Rotating referees will bring fairness to the game as teams will play to win for themselves without being favoured by referees and that will help in improving the standards of the CRFA league” said Lengani.

The CRFA league has since 2014 produced teams to participate in the TNM Super League and the teams manage to stand the heat of the league as they are not relegated.

The CRFA has produced teams like EPAC United, Kamuzu Barracks, Masters Security FC , TN Stars and in 2019 the league will be represented in the elite league by Mlatho Mponera.



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