CRWB struggling to supply Kasungu’s water demand


By  Yankho Phiri

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Kasungu, Central Region Water Board (CRWB) says it is still facing problems to supply Kasungu Municipality with required amount of water to sustain over 6,000 customers.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Public Relations Officer for CRWB, Zephelino Mitumba said that the production plant in Kasungu is already producing to its full capacity but still insufficient.

“For us to satisfy all our customers in Kasungu we need to pump around 6,000 cubic metres about 6 million litres of water per day while our plant is capable of producing 4,000 cubic metres only in a day which is less than required,” Mitumba said.

Mitumba added that with the state of the water production plant it is impossible to scale up their daily water production to reach the desired amount.

“We can only deal with challenges of water problems in Kasungu only if we can have an extra source of water like a new dam which is already in our plans, we also embarked on drilling supporting boreholes two years ago but no progress has been made due to lack of funds,” he said.

Water problems in Kasungu town are rampant with some areas not getting even a drop of water for weeks.

One of the residents at Kasalika, Selina Thondoya expressed dissatisfaction saying that she gets water from her tap once or twice in an entire month and is forced to spend extra money on water she fetches somewhere else.

“Sometimes we even forget that we have got our own water tap because no water comes from it for weeks and this forces us to buy water from some other privileged houses nearby,” said Thondoya.

The water challenges get worse during the dry season, however, CRWB has assured the residents that they have got enough water this year which will take them to rainy season.

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