Curfew imposition for University exams in Turkey


Turkey’s government has imposed a partial curfew as nationwide University exams kicked off. The curfew starts at 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, said Interior Ministry.

The candidates are allowed to board public service vehicles to schools where the examinations will be taking place. Relatives will as well be allowed to drop off students. At the time of exams, bakeries, butcheries grocery stores and markets will remain open during the lockdown.

Many countries that were hit by the coronavirus have signalled the resumption of learning institutions including Kenya that has promised to reopen schools on September 1.

The country’s trend of the Covid-19 is going up daily despite all restriction measures towards containment of the disease. So far, Kenya’s ministry of health has reported more than 5,000 infections.

Today June 29, Tanzania has resumed studies to primary and secondary schools after three months suspension amid the novel pandemic. The resumption is in contrary with the kicking off of form six and college examinations countrywide.

However, all precautionary measures are put into consideration as adherence to the ministry of health and the government’s directives.


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