David Molinga, the coach’s favourite striker


The Congolese striker David Molinga who is the Vodacom Premier League leading goal scorer for Yanga Sports Club has been mentioned as the favourite striker by Yanga Sports Club head coach.

Lucy Eymael mentioned David Molinga as one of the best strikers at the club recently on top of other strikers.

“David Molinga for the time he served the club, has done a great job to me. I am impressed with his work since I’ve been here, and I would like to keep him for a while longer.”

Lucy Eymael praises David Molinga on top of other three strikers saying they have failed to deliver what is expected from them.

“Other Strikers have failed to impact the game and they did not deliver what I’ve been looking for as strikers they have failed, unlike David Molinga,” says Yanga Sports Club head coach.

Yanga Sports Club other Strikers who failed to impress coach Lucy Eymael are Ditram Nchimbi, Tariq Seif and Yikpe Gislain since they joined the club.


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