Democratic Progressive Party North RG faults Mzuzu ex-councillors for retarded development

Sanga(left),confers with Ben Phiri at the rally
Sanga(left),confers with Ben Phiri at the rally

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the north, Kenneth Sanga says councillors who were voted in the 2014 tripartite polls, failed to develop Mzuzu City as they had no proper link with central government to ask for help.

The Regional Governor said this on Monday in Zolozolo West during a political rally to garner support for his party in this year’s tripartite polls.

During the 2014 polls, out of the 15 wards in Mzuzu city constituency, the DPP managed to win only one ward (Mchengautuba), a situation Sanga says disadvantaged Mzuzu city development wise.

“During the 2014 elections, Mzuzu City did not vote well. We voted for an independent parliamentarian and almost all the 15 councillors were opposition except one. In short the city rejected DPP.

“This resulted in a communication breakdown between the councillors and central government as they could not properly communicate since these councillors always were opposing government development projects,” said Sanga.

The Regional Governor said Mzuzu councillors failed for example to lobby government to construct a spacious Flea Market to accommodate all vendors in the city who have been at loggerheads with police and council secretariat for vending in un designated areas.

“I have always blamed the Mzuzu City Council for its continuous chasing of vendors in the city. My stand has always been that let the councillors lobby government to construct a spacious market so that all the vendors are accommodated.

“The problem is that these councillors have always shot down good government policies just to score political points,” Sanga said.

Meanwhile in a separate interview, Ex-Mayor of the Mzuzu City Council, William Mkandawire said councillors in the country are failing to implement various development initiatives because they do not have ready funds to support their projects.

“Councillors have a lot of good development plans but since they do not have readily available resources to bankroll such ideas, they are seen as failures.

“Members of Parliament are seen to be drivers of development because they are accorded various platforms to access funds, such as Constituency Development Funds and others,” said Mkandawire.

The Ex-Mayor then appealed for various development stakeholders to support councillors in the country since they are the ones found at the grassroots hence well suited to initiate community developments.


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