Denmark on the finger tips of Mlatho Mponela

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Former Malawi national football team coach Kim Splidsboel has granted TNM super league rookies Mlatho Mponela football club an opportunity to train in his home country Denmark after the end of the first round of the elite league.

The opportunity has be facilitated by Mlatho Mponela’s technical director Eddington Ng’onamo who made a good relationship with the Denmark tactician during his era as Flames coach from 2000-02 and Ng’onamo deputised him, is expected to source k18.5 million for the trip.

One of the teams officials Happy Saka said Mlatho Technologies Limited who are the sponsors of the team and other well wishers have seen how fruitful the European experience can be to the team and have started showing interest to fund the trip.

“Our technical director Eddington Ng’onamo has his good friend Kim Splidsboel whom we have been in touch with telling him our vision for the team dispute having some financial problems and it has pleased him to host the team in Denmark for two weeks after the end of the TNM super league in August.

“We approached a number of people asking them to help us with money for the trip and now they have started giving us feedback and the door is open to every well wisher who want to help the team as it’s sourcing funds close to k18.5 million for the trip to carter for air ticket to and from as spridsboel has promised to give us food and accommodation “Saka said.

Mlatho Mponela football club which is playing in the TNM super league after being champions of the Chipuku stores Central Region football Association League is expected to send a delegate of 26 players for the Europe trip.


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