Diamond Platinumz gets life lesson from uprising star

Angelmary Kato
Angelmary Kato

The 2015 Bongo Star Search (BSS) contestant and uprising pop artist Angelmary Kato  recently commented on Diamond’s scandal about the star’s alleged trashing of his former girlfriend’s name (Zari) live on the first broadcast of the show ‘Block 89’ of Wasafi FM.


In an interview, the artist gave her look into the matter saying it was not wise to put it public, unless it were to help anyone grow somehow and learn from the accusations he had made against Zari.


“I don’t think it was that necessary to speak publicly about the issue…. I wasn’t there when they were together, none of us were. We’ll comment but they know the truth…”


The quickly thriving superstar also added that it takes a lot for an artist to make it in the music industry saying it mostly requires attention of the public.


She added that some artists will go extra miles to get recognition and remain relevant to the public eye. Some even taking the at most extreme measures. Perhaps this is diamond’s own way of staying relevant?


“I had the talent, People knew me, I thought it’d be so much easier now and it wasn’t…. I cannot judge someone looking for attention from the public to stay relevant as an artist…. the music industry is tough”


Further in the interview, Angelmary described how she had hoped her career would unfold after the 2015 BSS saying because she had already made a platform and people had seen her talent and capability, she thought it would be a lot easier considering she was among the top ten finalists.


The artist has recently released her new song ‘Wange’ in hopes to once again, capture the public’s attention with her musical talent.


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