Ditram Nchimbi with an amazing goal scoring records

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

Ditram Nchimbi is among the Tanzanian strikers in the Vodacom Premier League who is shining at the moment in goal scoring. Ditram Nchimbi joined Yanga Sports Club this season from Polisi Tanzania as he was serving the loan from Azam Football Club.

Yanga Sports Club signed Nchimbi due to his performance while at Polisi Tanzania earlier this season.

Nchimbi managed to score six goals in this Vodacom Premier League debut season for him.

Here are his records coming with his six premier league goals;

  1. All his six goals, he scored against two clubs, Yanga Sports Club and Alliance Football Club. He scored three goals in each of the matches against them.
  2. Three goals he scored with his head and the other three with his right foot. He did not score any goal with his left foot.
  3. All his six goals, he scored in three different stadiums, including Uhuru Stadium in Dar Ed Salaam, Nation Stadium in Dar Es Salaam and Ushirika Stadium in Moshi.
  4. All his six goals are against two goalkeepers, Metacha Mnata (Yanga Sports Club ) and Andrew Ntala (Alliance Football Club).

Apart from that, Ditram Nchimbi has assisted only two goals this season.


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