Dog’s grave, a tourists attraction


A dog’s grave 500m from the the district officer’s office of Nachingweya is currently the most attractive tourist site in Lindi.

In Tanzania, most people simply dig out holes and bury their dead animals without any symbol of the animal’s grave or past life.


The late dog ‘Judy’, was buried in a well erupted and plastered grave in commemoration to it’s skills and duties including going to the market.

Speaking to Mwananchi newspaper, the Regional Commissioner Rukia Muwango said that the dog was owned by a white man known as Phills from England who lived there in the 1950s.

She said that the white man who invested in groundnuts cultivation loved his dog and made it his helper.

“The English man loved his dog very much… it helped him in domestic activities like going to the market, to the butchery,to the poster and other places,” said the commissioner.

The dog was also a security dog to his close friends and their assets.

Muwango expressed how Phil was hurt and long-mourned for the death of his beloved dog.


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