Don’t come to council with personal problems-DC tells councilor

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Blantyre, District Commissioner for Blantyre, Benet Nkasala has advised newly elected councilors to concentrate on how to develop their areas and avoid bringing personal problems to the secretariat.

Nkasala made the remarks Saturday during the swearing in ceremony of the elected councilors at Amrallys Hotel in Blantyre.

The DC said the last cohort of councilors was fond of bringing personal issues to the council secretariat and always picked quarrels with council officials if not given the necessary support.

Nkasala said that was one of the many reasons why some councilors did not make it in the May 21 elections.

“Stop coming to the council with your issues and stop going into offices that have not invited you.

“The council is not there to end your personal problems but rather help you serve your people well,” Nkasala said.

“The last group of councilors had people who even wanted to see the vouchers that have been signed. And because they always wanted to fight with the secretariat, they forgot their people and as a result, they are not with us today.

“Focus on how you will develop your areas and we will give you all the support,” added the district commissioner.

However, Nkasala congratulated the newly elected councilors for making it in one of the highly contested elections.

“We will soon arrange an orientation for you to know and understand how the council operates and your role as councilors. As a council secretariat, we are ready to work with you,” he said.

During this first meeting since May 21 election results were announced, councilors also elected their leader, the council chair person Carlo Mdala.

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