DPP appeals for calmness as electoral case is still in court


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The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called on people in Karonga to remain calm, united and stop vandalizing government properties as the electoral case is still in court.

Former Finance Minister and DPP vice president for the North, Goodall Gondwe made the appeal on Sunday during a thank you rally conducted at Karonga freedom park.

He said people in Karonga should not take advantage of the demonstrations to vandalize government structures, but that they should remain calm and united as the electoral case is still in court.

Gondwe warned those involved in vandalizing property to stop immediately, saying they will face the law.

“We will not condone vandalism. Let us take care of the structures we have since vandalism negatively affects development.

“I urge DPP supporters not to be afraid because we won the elections. If we are not retaliating, it does not mean we are afraid of anything, and we will stand up for justice,” said Gondwe.

Minister of Lands and Urban Development, Vuwa Kaunda, said DPP won the presidential elections, therefore, Malawians should know that there is a government in the country.

He said the DPP government preaches peace and believes that disagreements can best be resolved through dialogue.

The rally was also attended by Minister of Health and Population, Jappie Mhango, Traditional Authorities Kalonga, Kilupula and Mwakawoko, and some government officials.

Prior to the rally, the ministers toured the vandalized structures to appreciate the extent of the damage.

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