DPP the government party that recognized and elevated Yao Chiefs


Yao Paramount Chief Kawinga has described the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government as the only government that has recognized Yao Chiefs in the country by elevating them to higher ranks in the past five years.

He made the remarks Saturday in Mangochi when government elevated four Senior Group Village Heads, namely Mapira, Mambo, Nkata and Namwera to Sub Chiefs; Sub-Chief Ntonda and Chief Chilipa to Chief and Senior Chief, respectively.

The Paramount Chief described the DPP as the only regime that has walked the talk by recognizing the role that chiefs play towards the development of the country.

Kawinga said, “This is the government that has shown interest in the Yao Chiefs because it is during the same leadership that the Yaos got a Paramount Chief for the first time in the history of the country.

“It is the same government that elevated chiefs like Makanganjira, Chowe and Katuli to Senior Chiefs and other GVHs to Sub Chiefs before.”

Kawinga advised the newly promoted Sub-Chiefs not to despise their seniors whose blessing was what has made the former to rise to the present rank.

Minister of Local Government Dr. Ben Malunga Phiri, who graced the event and conducted the crowing of the six Chiefs, said it shall remain the current government’s commitment to see that chiefs in the country are accorded the respect they deserve

The Minister advised the newly promoted Chiefs to help the government in the fight against corruption which he described as the country’s major vice.

“Let us work together in stamping out corruption for good,” he said, adding, “You, as Chiefs, have to look back where we are coming from and make a decision whether to slide back or to move forward: This is time to move forward.”  

Director of Chiefs Administration, Charles Makanga said the current regime has indeed broken the record as regards elevation of Chiefs.

He said the development was evidence of how serious government was ensuring that there are vibrant Councils across the country.

“In the history of our Ministry this is the first time, we have elevated the highest number of Chiefs in the country and this augers well with the Ministry’s “game-changers” agenda,” the Director added.

The new Sub Chiefs Mapira and Mambo are in Senior Chief Mponda area while Mkata and Namwera are from Senior Chief Jalasi.

A few months ago government elevated three Mangochi Chiefs: Sultan Chowe, Makanjira and Katuli to Senior Chiefs while other 5 GVHs including were elevated to Sub-Chief.

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