Dr. Reginald Mengi 6 feet under this Thursday


The ongoing funeral of Dr. Reginald Mengi is expected to come to an end this Thursday at his home town Machame, Kilimanjaro as he is put to rest 6 feet under to his final resting place.

The body of the late Dr. Mengi arrived at Kilimanjaro National Airport earlier this morning and was soon taken to his home at Machame.

The body was escorted by a number of people including friends, family celebrities and civilians who adored Mengi.

This is a continuation of the services that had began in Dar es Salaam at Karimjee grounds where his body was first displayed to pay respect to and say goodbye. A number of prominent figures, political leaders, celebrities, family and friends were present.

In Dar es Salaam, many individuals who have received help from Dr. Mengi during his life showed up during the drive to Karimjee grounds to pay respect for last time as his body. Some made posters expressing their love and gratitude to the late Dr. Mengi.

Regional Commissioner at Kilimanjaro, Anna Mgwira was among the political leaders that escorted Mengi during his final days on earth.

RC Mgwira said that Mengi had many plans before he died. She said he wanted to buy a farm as big as 2000 acres that would have made jobs for over 3000 Tanzanians.

She further explained that Mengi’s contribution in Kilimanjaro is great and that the government will forever acknowledge hi contributions.


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