Dwangwa United FC future uncertain following key sponsor’s death

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Dwangwa United Football Club’s future turns gloomy following the death of their executive member. Arnold Zenizeni passed two weeks ago and he was the team’s key sponsor.

In an interview on Monday, Dwangwa United FC general secretary, Samson Zimba said the death of Zenizeni is a setback to the team. Zenizeni used personal money and resources to support the team besides being a member of the technical panel.

“We are not sponsored and we rely much on support from well-wishers. The late Arnold Zenizeni did not give up on the team with advice and financial support. He made the club to be where it is today. He supported the club in many ways and his services will be greatly missed. He took up a couple of responsibilities which led him into chairmanship of the club until August this year,” Zimba said.

He said the services of Zenizeni at Dwangwa United will forever be remembered describing his death as a big blow to the club.

Zenizeni created employment for the youth at Dwangwa in Nkhotakota.

One of employees working as an assistant manager at Arnold Lakeshore Resort, Lekereni Banda said he will remember his employer not only because of the job but his personality too.

He said Arnold was a good person because he was able to assist his employees in many ways like how to run small businesses.

“He did not only support football but also employed a lot of young men here in Dwangwa and even here in Nkhotakota where a lot of youth are working, all because he believed in them and offered assistance by employing them,” Banda said.

Banda said Arnold had several businesses like lodges, motels, among others where he employed a lot of youth.

“Our boss had over 100 employees from the businesses he was running. We have always depended on him,” Banda mourned.


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