Eagles sue wanderers for player tapping


The wrangle between Blue Eagles and Be forward Wanderers football clubs over midfielder Vitumbiko Kumwenda is failing to come to an end as the police headquarters side has sued the later to football association of Malawi (FAM) over player tapping.

In a statement released by Blue Eagles signed by vice general secretary William Nkhoma, the nomads are accused of inducing Vitumbiko Kumwenda to terminate his contract with them and join the Blantyre based club where he signed a three years contract and went as a free agent.

The statement also says that the former Kabwafu football club player did not terminate his contract the right way with Blue Eagles hence he can not go as a free agent but if he insist to play for another club apart from the area 30 based side, then the club that want his services should pay K3,5 million as training compensation and solidarity percentage for the six years the midfielder has been with the club.

The two clubs have been in a disagreement since last month when the Lali Lubani side, Be Forward Wanderers approached Blue Eagles for the service of Vitumbiko Kumwenda where they asked for K3,500,000.00 to let the player go but wanderers had a K500,000.00 shortfall to take the player. In the long run Kumwenda saw to it that Blue Eagles wanted to block his move to Wandererers he terminated his contract with Eagles and gave them K95,000.00 for failing to give the club a month notice before leaving the club.

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