Early regrouping for the Flames

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Football association Malawi Flames logo

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and no to go by that, the Malawi National Football Teams, both the Senior team and the under 23 will start non-residential regional training on the 21st of January in readiness for their March assignments.

The Malawi Senior National Team will play Morocco on 23rd March 2019 at the Kamuzu Stadium in an AFCON qualifying match while the junior flames will have to face Zambia back to back in a 2020 Olympics qualifiers with the home fixture on 20th march 2019 in Blantyre and the return match 4 days later in Lusaka.

In a press statement released by the Countries Football Association on 18th January 2019 , the trainings have been scheduled to take place at Civo Stadium in the Central region, Kamuzu Stadium in the Southern region and Mzuzu Stadium in Northern region.

The players are required to report at their respective region centers at 9:00 am for 6 days starting on 21st, 23rd and 25th, 28th, 30th January and to finish on 1st February, 2019.

The Southern region players will be drilled by Ronny Van Geneugden, Peter Mponda and Swadick Sanudi. The players that have been called are: Rabson Chiyenda, Charles Petro, Chimwemwe Idana, Mike Mkwate, Enerst Tambe, Chikaiko Batison, Hassan Kajoke, Peter Banda, Isaac Kaliyati, Stanley Sanudi, peter Cholopi, John Lanjesi, Denis Chembezi, Precious Sambani, Chikoti Chirwa, Righteous Banda and Patrick Phiri.

In the Central region the players that have been called are :Trevor Kalema, Mark Fodya, Lawrence Chaziya, Haji Wali, Charles Thom, China Chirwa, Laurent Banda, Gregory Nachipo, Ben Manyozo, Francis Mkonda, Hastings Banda, Brighton Munthali, Gome Chirwa, Jack Chiona, Levison Maganizo, Stain Davie, Raphael Phiri and Juma Yatina with Meke Mwase and Franco Ndawa as the coaches.

The Northern region selected players will be coached by Charles Kamanga and the list of players is as follows:  Kelvin Kadzinje, Lusekero Malema, Victor Lungu, Pililani Mapira and Loyd Njaliwa.

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Press Release 18th January 2019

The Malawi Senior National Team and the Malawi Under 23 National team will be engaged in the 2019 AFCON and 2020 Olympic Qualifiers respectively in March.

The Senior Team will play Morocco on 23rd March 2019 at the Kamuzu stadium in Blantyre. The Under 23 team will play Zambia back to back with a home fixture on 20th March 2019 in Blantyre and the return match on 24 th March 2019 in Lusaka.

In preparation for the two games, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has released a list of players to undergo non-residential training camp which will start on 21st January 2019 in the following regional centres:

1. Northern region – Mzuzu stadium
2. Central region – Civo stadium
3. Southern region – Kamuzu stadium

The players will be required to report at their respective regional centres at 9:00 am on the following dates:
Week 1 – 21st, 23rd and 25th January 2019.
Week 2 – 28th, 30th January and 1st February 2019.

The following is the full list of players:

Rabson Chiyenda- Nyasa Big Bullets (Goalkeeper)
Charles Petro- Nyasa Big Bullets (Defender)
Chimwemwe Idana- Nyasa Big Bullets (Midfielder)
Mike Mkwate- Nyasa Big Bullets (Midfielder)
Enerst Tambe- Be Forward Wanderers (Midfielder)
Chikaiko Batison- Tigers FC (Striker)
Hassan Kajoke- Nyasa Big (Bullets Striker)
Peter Banda- Griffin Young Stars (Midfilder)
Isaac Kaliyati- Be Forward Wanderers (Midfilder)
Stanley Sanudi -Be Forward Wanderers (Defender)
Peter Cholopi- Be Forward Wanderers (Defender)
John Lanjesi- Nyasa Big Bullets (Defender)
Chembezi Denis -Be Forward Wanderers (Defender)
Precious Sambani- Namiwawa Madrid (Defender)
Chikoti Chirwa- Red Lions (Midfielder)
Righteous Banda- Nyasa Big Bullets (Midfielder)
Patrick Phiri- Nyasa Big Bullets (Striker)

Coaches: Ronny Van Geneugden VG Peter Mponda and Swadick Sanudi

Trevor Kalema- Silver Strikers (Defender)
Mark Fodya -Silver Strikers (Defender)
Lawrence Chaziya -Civil Sporting Club (Defender)
Haji Wali -Silver Strikers (Defender)
Charles Thom- Dwangwa United FC (Goalkeeper)
China Chirwa- TN Stars (Striker)
Laurent Banda- TN Stars (Midfielder)
Gregory Nachipo – Blue Eagles FC (Midfielder)
Ben Manyozo -Dwangwa United FC (Defender)
Francis Mkonda-Masters Security (Midfielder)
Hastings Banda- Civil Sporting Club (Goalkeeper)
Brighton Munthali- Silver Strikers( Goalkeeper)
Gome Chirwa- Civil Sporting Club (Defender)
Levison Maganizo- Silver Strikers (Midfielder)
Jack Chiona -Silver Strikers (Midfielder)
Khuda Muyaba- Silver Strikers (Striker)
Stain Davie- TN Stars (Striker)
Raphael Phiri- Civil Sporting Club (Striker)
Juma Yatina- Masters Security( Midfielder)

Coaches: Meke Mwase and Franco Ndawa

Kelvin Kadzinje – Mzuni FC (Defender)
Lusekero Malema -Karonga United (Defender)
Victor Lungu- Karonga United (Midfielder)
Pililani Mapira- Mzuni FC (Goalkeeper)
Loyd Njalima- Moyale Barracks( Striker)

Coach:Charles Kamanga


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